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whealth (n): an abundant and balanced supply of invaluable, desirable assets as pertaining to one’s overall well-being, including the physical, mental, social and financial realms.

We work with corporations, mid-career professionals and fellow coaches to reach their holistic wellness goals by providing them with the tools and guidance necessary to go from knowing to doing, confidently, smoothly and sustainably.

With more than 20 years as an industry leader, we have worked with hundreds of individuals and groups in dozens of organizations around the world, empowering them to find the work-life balance and overall serenity they desire and deserve.

Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing Consulting & Coaching

Would you like to develop or improve your workplace wellbeing program and create outstanding working conditions for your people while optimising your bottom line?
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Mid career professionals

Mid-Career Professionals Personal Coaching

Are you: Frustrated or stuck with your self-care & not sure what you need to move forward? Looking to feel your best through food & lifestyle changes? Ready to change your mindset to live your vibrant life? Seeking one-on-one encouragement from a supportive mentor?
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Coaches support & mentoring

Coaches Support & Mentoring

Are you a new coach looking for help getting started and growing your industry presence? Or maybe you’re an established coach in need of mentorship and guidance as you expand your impact and visibility?
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Wellbeing is about more than health or wealth alone

Whealthness is life, health, happiness, connections, and motivated, inspired action that helps you live your fullest, most empowered life.
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